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Website as of today

Website as of today

After three-and-a-half years, I've waded through enough of my own history and gathered enough energy to start bringing this website into shape. As I sift through the endless cartons and folders and thoughts, as I throw away and sort and define, it takes shape. Enfin.

In Memoriam

My mother died on 31 August 2016.


She was 91. For some time prior to that, she was in hospital near her home in Virginia, and I telephoned with her almost daily. At her age she was not adept at Skype or social media with their passwords, and I was only able to transmit images to her via this website, that was at the time under construction. I took the picture of her above at her home a couple of weeks before she died. Although we had a terribly conflictual relationship, I cared very much about her, and I leave the blog posts below as memento.

Followed by family visit

 (My migraine and I are resting in the room next door.)

Mother and father-in-law above

Mother and father-in-law above

Brother-in-law and nephew, Noyan below


Metin cooked today

Unfortunately, these wonderful critters aren't part of my diet

Filled with feta cheese, spinach, ground beef and mint -- yumm!

Filled with feta cheese, spinach, ground beef and mint -- yumm!